Implementazione di un ERP in azienda: analisi dei requisiti, soluzioni, gestione del cambiamento

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Milano, 5 marzo 2019

Venue: Milano Business Center, Via Mauro Macchi 8

Prezzo: 250 € + I.V.A.

Indice degli argomenti trattati . Introduzione . Cenno storico sull’evoluzione dei sistemi ERP; . Generalità sui sistemi ERP: l’azienda ed il “bisogno” di sistema integrato;. . Perché cambiare sistema ERP: motivazioni, vantaggi ed impatti organizzativi; . APICS, la best practices e la conseguente standardizzazione dell’architettura dei sistemi ERP; . Il “Manufacturing Planning&Control System” (MPC) . Fasi per l’implementazione di un ERP:
  1. vision e senior commitment;
  2. RFP;
  3. Software selection;
  4. Implementazione della soluzione ed impatto interno del progetto
. Modalità di implementazione di un progetto ERP e criticità collegate: approccio «big bang» e .approccio «per fasi» . Organizzazione del progetto e del team di lavoro: project manager, process owner, key users, end users e relazione con il team di implementazione; . Le fasi esecutive del progetto e la gestione del rischio . Metriche di valutazione dell’investimento:
  1. ROI
  2. payback
  3. costo mensile del ritardi di avvio del progetto
. Conclusioni Bank information for the payment BANK: BANCA INTESA
IBAN IT46 Y030 6962 6191 0000 0000 631

Bruno Stefanutti (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, SCOR-P), CPIM Master Instructor, SCOR Associate Instructor Mr. Bruno Stefanutti is founder and CEO of Consept, a consulting, training&education firm sited in Padua (Italy) and APICS International Channel Partner since 2014; he obtained his degree as Electronic Engineer at Padua University in 1991 and, as first job, he worked for Italian Navy as officer responsible for verifying and measuring the electronic equipments installed aboard the new naval units. Later, he was IT manager involved  in managing the introduction and implementation of technology solution for fashion industry, working very close to Prada, Burberry’s and Hermes IT department for implementing sales data integration process. Because he understood that the technology solution is nothing without a solid process analysis, he naturally moved to the field of business process reengineering, becoming an expert of processes design and simulation, business requirements and change management, project management. For that reason his company, Consept, is naturally involved in organizational and technological projects, also offering APICS  courses on Supply Chain management. Consept was founded on 2007 as affiliated the University of Padua Firm’s Incubator, called Start Cube (; the professional services offered by Consept are: 1. analysis, measure and improvement of supply  chain processes; 2. analysis and consulting about production organization and performances; 3. business requirements formalization (RFP), software selection, project management and change management; 4. management and cost  control, profit analysis. In 2012 Mr. Stefanutti wrote a book for WOLTERS-KLUWER about implementation of ERP systems in SME companies, exploring the project life cycle from business requirements to implementation. He’s been collaborating with the Venice and Padua University.  He obtained the APICS CPIM, CSCP, CLTD certifications and the SCOR-P endorsement and he’s APICS CPIM and SCOR Master Instructor. He’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology MicroMasters Supply Chain Management candidate. He’ one of the fifteen MASTER SCOR Instructor in the world. He’s, finally, been obtaining his MicroMaster degree in Supply Chain Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). linkedin

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